Director/Writer: Lovisa Inserra
Producer: Emma K Dixgård
Co-Producer: Hans Lönnerheden
US Producer: Marc Henry Johnson - MHJ Productions
Thai Production Company: Living Films
DP: Linda Källérus
Lead: Clark Johnson
Music: Björn K Dixgård


BETTY, a 10-year-old street kid orphaned by the Khmer Rouge, is brought to Bangkok to sell flowers to the tourists who are slowly transforming the area. The year is 1987 and Bangkok is a place where you can still find areas crowded by adventurers, hiding from conventions, conformity and whatever else they left behind. Out of all the bars in Bangkok, she walks in to The Shangri-La owned by JIM SLICK, a Vietnam War veteran who likes kids only marginally better than the silver spooned travellers disrupting the status quo of this last clandestine outpost. But Betty is no ordinary kid. She is marked by war and fighting for a place to belong, a feeling Slick knows only too well.