A short film made to support VCDF

by Lovisa Inserra
with VCDF Chiang Mai
Made with the support of Johan Bengtsson IOGT
Translation and interviews Justin K Klaiber
Music by Björn K Dixgård
Soundmix Murray Trider - Ground Control Studio

The Volunteers for Children Development Foundation is an organization in Thailand.
They help educate and protect children with very few possibilities in life.

One part of this work, is to help refugee children get temporary or permanent citizenship in Thailand, so they can go to school, get medical care and start to work when they get older.

This film was made to help raise money for the organization. In addition for help covering day to day expenses, they are currently looking for funding to buy the center, to ensure the future of the place they call home.

I shot this film on minimal equipment in Chiang Mai with the help of Johan Bengtsson of IOGT who financed the trip and with great support from J K Klaiber who made it practically possible to conduct the interviews and shoot the film in such short time. The sound might be a little rough at times. It is nothing compared to what it would have sounded like if it wasn't for the help of Murray Trider at Ground Control Studio in Brooklyn and for Björn Dixgård of Mando Diao who wrote the music.

Thank you to everyone involved.